Valentine's In God's Sight - Poem By: Mary Eldridge

Valentine's In God's Sight

by: Mary Eldridge
© 2003

Valentines day has come and gone,
those that were happy on that day, are now alone.
Some received chocolates tied with a red bow,
now it's gone with nothing to show.

Some received flowers so pretty and bright,
It seems like they wilted over night.
Someone became engaged on that special day,
now their love has faded away.

Some had a phone call from a special friend,
just to say I love you and then,
It made you so happy to know that they cared,
and the special friendship they shared.

It was just another day gone by,
for some to sit at home all alone to weep and cry.
Isn't it strange how holidays affect each one,
since that day has come and gone.

We are all valentines in God's sight,
He loves us every one with all His might,
He's better than chocolates tied with a bow,
He loves his children and lets them know.

Give of yourself to someone today,
It's more lovelier than a bouquet.
Don't wait till another year,
to bring someone you love, a smile, some hope, and cheer.

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