Glitzy Glitter Valentines Mailbox:

Glitzy Glitter Valentines Mailbox:

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It's Friday! This week has flown by! I think I have I worked more hours this week than any other week in a long time. But I am caught up with everything and ready for things to calm down a bit!

Yesterday was the first day all week that I got to play in my craft room. I REALLY needed know when your brain just hurts from the computer and just need to get your hands dirty? That's how I felt yesterday :) A few weeks ago I picked up a cardboard mailbox at my local craft store and I knew I wanted to make a Love Note Mailbox for my little family. I was so excited to finally sit down and make it!

I used these two stack that are out at Michaels right now. Glitzy Glitter Brights had the pink and silver print. And Glitzy Glitter Neutrals had the solid silver paper. Both of these stacks are must haves! I wish I had a never ending budget so I could mail a piece of this paper to every one of you to have the chance to feel it! My neighbor stopped by while I was crafting and she couldn't believe how smooth this glitter paper is. It's very different than our normal glitter paper. If you are near a Michaels, stop by and check it out!

I {love} how this project turned out! Here's how I did it:

1. Covered the outside, bottom and back with the pink & silver print. It took 2 papers to do this.

2. Painted the front with some pink craft paint.

3. Covered the mailbox flag with the silver paper.

4. Hand cut a silver heart for the front. Gathered a heart doily and hot glued it to the back of the silver heart. Glued it to the front of the mailbox.

5. Embellish! Used May Arts ribbon, one of our new felt flowers from Fashion A La Carte and some alphabet sticks. Embellishing is my favorite part ;)

7. Last, I hot glued the mailbox to a Eiffel Tower vase that I also found at the craft store. You could use any ol' vase though. But this one just called my name ;)

I am encouraging my boys to put little notes to each other in the mailbox throughout the month of February. We do a pretty good job telling each other we love them but this is just another fun way to do it. Plus, I can keep the notes and scrapbook them ;) hee hee!

I hope you like it! Handmade Valentine crafts are the best in my opinion :) Can't believe it's Valentine's Day next week!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'll see you back here on Monday!

Oh, Valentine, Oh, Valentine - Poem Poster

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Puffy Paper Heart Plant Sticks

Valentine's or Mother's Day Craft - Puffy Paper Hearts Plant Sticks


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Owl Love You Wreath........

Owl Love You Wreath........: Guess where this wreath is from? It's my "90% off" after Christmas deal at Target! Yep- I just knew I could turn this Christmas wreath into something cute for Valentines Day. Isn't Upcycling fun?
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Here's how I made it:

Hoot-n-Holler Lite- owl cut at 5.12 inches & tree branch cut at 6.41 inches

Doodlecharms- heart and layer cut at 4 inches

K. Andrew Designs- Owly-Hoo Sentiment Stamps

Kraft Paper
Embossing folders- swirls, dots & hearts
Ribbon- another after Christmas deal at Joann' a .89cent deal!

How cute are these K. Andrews Owly-Hoo stamps? Check them out and all her other sets HERE!
K Andrew Designs

Thanks for looking!

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"Be My Valentine" DAD Freebie

"Be My Valentine" DAD Freebie:
This month I am participating in Divine Digital's

The theme is "Be My Valentine"

This kit will expire tomorrow 02/18/12 at 10pm.

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt Ideas:
Girl holding paper heartSpecial holidays, like St. Valentine’s Day, provide teachers with terrific opportunities to further the gospel message. What better subject to teach children about than God’s love? To help you bring the message home to kids, use a fun activity like a Valentine Scavenger Hunt. This simple idea requires some pre planning and prizes but it will be an event kids will remember. Start by finding verses that you’ll use as a basis for you St. Valentine’s Day lesson or pick love scriptures you want to reinforce. Here’s how to do the first one.

Scavenger Hunt #1

What you need: 5 Bibles (ask kids to bring theirs or use extras), construction paper hearts, markers and a treasure box of goodies

First decide where you will hide the treasure box. If possible, think about hiding the box somewhere outside the normal environment like in another Sunday School room or a closet. Hide it so anyone who stumbles upon it won’t find it.

Cut out the construction paper hearts making them large enough to write a book, chapter and verse on. You’ll need one heart for each Bible.

Write one heart clue on one side of the heart to help kids find the next Bible. For example, “Look up high, I’m close to a light.” On the other side of the heart, write a book, chapter and verse of a love scripture. When the kids find the Bible, they must look up on the scripture using the heart clue. They read the scripture and take the next clue hidden in the Bible.

Continue to lead children with clues, making sure they read the scripture listed on each clue. When all the clues are found, sit together and share the treasure. Re-read the clues, talking about the verses and what they mean.

Scavenger Hunt #2

What you need: 1 large silk tree or artificial Christmas tree, red lights, red construction paper hearts with holes punched at the tops, yarn, Bibles

This idea is a sort of stand still scavenger hunt.

Decorate the tree with red lights to make it more festive.

Cut out small hearts, about 3 inches wide. Use red construction paper and punch a hole at the top of each. You’ll need dozens of hearts. If you like, use a printer and red paper to make easy hearts.

Pick three different, one sentence love scriptures from the Bible. Write the scripture, word by word on the hearts. You should two or three complete sets of scriptures.

Tie a string through the heart’s holes. Hang the hearts all over the tree, hiding the words.

Write the three scripture verses plainly on a poster board and hang them up so everyone can see them.

Divide your class into two teams. Ask them Bible trivia questions, according to their age groups. For each right answer, allow the player to pick a heart. Once the team collects enough hearts to make the scripture they win one of the the prizes.

Keep playing until all the hearts are collected and the scriptures are spelled correctly.

Read more from Mimi by visiting her blog, “Encouragement for Christians,” or purchase her short parable for kids, “The Young Boy and the Great Mountain.”

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Making Friends Coloring Sheets

Valentine Coloring Sheets Very Cute

Making Friends Coloring Sheets

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Ribbons & Glue.......: The Paper Variety....Multi-Fold Card Tutorial


Ribbons & Glue.......: The Paper Variety....Multi-Fold Card Tutorial: Today I'm sharing a tutorial for The Paper Variety on how to make two different Multi-Fold Cards. These cards are small, simple and easy...

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Valentine Tic Tac Toe

Valentine Tic Tac Toe:

By Crafts for Learning Contributor, Danielle from the blog Crayonbox Learning.

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I find myself drawn to the many things red, pink, and of course chocolate.

The Valentine Magnet or Velcro Tic Tac Toe game was inspired by my memories of having classroom Valentine’s Day parties at school when I was a child. It was the one day of the year when we could have a party in our classroom. We would play games, drink red punch, and hand out Valentine cards to our classmates. The simple things seemed to be the most memorable.

All of the materials for this project are easily found at CreateForLess.

Materials needed:

Valentine Magnet Tic Tac Toe

The first variation is very simple, and can be completed in minutes.

1. Print the game Valentine Tic Tac Toe Template onto magnet paper. Magnet paper is inexpensive, and prints easily on most printers. The game board is provided in 2 colors, and in black and white in case you’d like to color your own.

2. Cut out the individual game pieces.

3. Get ready to play Valentine Magnet Tic Tac Toe.

The magnet markers will stick to the tic tac toe game board. An alternative to keeping the game board loose is to place the whole game onto a cookie sheet, or cookie tin lid to keep the pieces in one place. Another option is to play the game on the side of a refrigerator.

The size of the pieces does require a small parts warning for children under 4 or 5. The templates can be enlarged using the settings on your printer if you prefer a larger size. For my example I used the smaller setting. The game pieces AND board fit on one 8 x 11″ page for the smaller version.

Valentine Velcro Tic Tac Toe

The second variation has a couple more steps, but it is just as easy to put together.

1. Print the Valentine Tic Tac Toe Template onto cardstock.

2. Cut out the individual pieces.

3. I suggestion laminating the game pieces AFTER they were cut out for durability. It will add to the life of the game. The edges will seal perfectly using this method.

4. After the lamination has been completed and the extra lamination film has been cut away from the individual pieces, apply one half of the velcro dots onto the game board.

5. Apply the remaining half of the velcro dots to the game markers.

6. You’re ready to play Valentine Velcro Tic Tac Toe!

To play, the markers will be placed in a space on the game board and will stick to the velcro. This prevents lost pieces, and can even be played in a car.

Fabulous Giant Rose - Craft

Jan 19, Homemade Valentine Cards: 3D Hearts

Jan 19, Homemade Valentine Cards: 3D Hearts:

What could be more special or heartfelt than giving homemade Valentine cards? Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show how much you care by making your own greeting cards. And if you are looking for something different to make, then a fun idea is to use 3 D shapes to create unique looking cards! So if you need a bit of card making inspiration, then keep on reading and we'll show you how to make these really cute 3 D cards!

A Valentine Paper Clips Craft - Easy

Holiday Crafts And Creations

Sweet-Heart Candy Arrows

Sweet-Heart Candy Arrows:

Origin of Valentine's Day Hearts
Around 12th Century people were not aware the function of heart was to circulate blood inside the human body. What they knew was that heart begins to beat faster when a person is upset or excited. They, therefore, derived that heart was the seat of emotions and feelings. Poets too eulogized the role of heart in feelings of love and romance and over the years this make believe connection between heart and love became deep seated in the minds of people. Today, even though it has been scientifically proven that emotions come from the brain, the heart remains a powerful symbol of love and Valentine's Day. {source}
Read more »

Pink Paislee ‘Sweetness’ -Valentine

Pink Paislee ‘Sweetness’:
Hey there! I’m back for another quick share!

Pink Paislee needed some projects for an upcoming HSN shoot using the lovely ‘Sweetness’ collection kit, so I made two ‘sweet’ projects! (If you want this yummy kit, take a look HERE)

I’m just sharing one for now. A heart shaped candy box using SVG Cuts ‘Love me Do’ kit! (AWESOME! The boxes come out very sturdy, like the ‘real’ boxes!) How pretty is this box with these papers and embellishments? I used the canvas ribbon to create rosettes! I trimmed the ‘heart pennants’ off one of the ribbons, then I frayed the edges, and with the leftover strings that I pulled off from fraying, I tied it through the button! The two flowers and text were created from the rub-ons! Love how this one kit made it simple to make a few coordinating Valentine’s gifts!




Also, if you like to use digital papers, you can get the ‘Sweetness’ collection HERE!

Anyhow, just wanted to share really quick! Hopefully I will see a peek of it on HSN!! :) Feb 9th!


Love What You Do: FREE Project 365 February Kit

Project 365 February 2012 "Skip A Beat" in honor of Valentines Day this month this kit will be FREE for (ONE) week!!! This kit...

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