Owl Always Love You

Owl Always Love You: I bought this file and this is the first time I have had a chance to mess with it. I have to say I rushed so its not as good as it could be but wanted to craft but a bit under the weather. I went to Cincinnati with hubby he wanted to go to the horse track. We went in and everyone seemed to be smoking. I'm not good around smoke and it really started to bother me after a while. My head started hurting and I just didn't feel good. The building wasn't very ventilated and by the end of the day about 3 out 4 people seemed to be smoking. Now don't get me wrong if you want to smoke then you should be able too but I'm not sure why I am forced to breathe it in. I feel if you choose to smoke then you should go outside. There were believe it or not alot of children in there, even babies! OH MY not the place I think you should take your children necessarily but I even dislike that more that they don't have a choice and they have to breath this in too.

So I took myself outside alot to get some air and it was COLD and very WINDY!! SO I think I have given myself a touch of a cold. The horses are so pretty and I did enjoy the races but next time I will check to see if there is a non smoking area. Even if I have to pay to do it!

Ok enough of my belly aching here is my little project. I couldn't find my black pen so the eyes didn't get done very well but I think its pretty cute none the less. Thanks for stopping by!

Valentines 2012

Follow Link Here Valentines 2012:
Happy Valentines Day!
Hope you're having a fabulous day with your sweetheart!

I always hope to post pictures of the girl's valentines earlier, but they inevitably become the last minute stuff, tie, and this year sew projects!
For Maggie's we made little bottle cap zipper pulls. Got the caps and little ice cream treat stickers from Etsy. Then we added a bead charm and I designed the tag. We wrapped them up in plastic bags and added a few chocolate hearts and tied them with ribbons.
 We wrapped them up in plastic bags and added a few chocolate hearts and tied them with ribbons. She was so excited to share these with her friends.
Sophie of course, wanted to do something different. We decided to sew and stuff little hearts! I got Valentine scrapbook paper and cut them into hearts on my Cricut.
 Then I cut clear plastic vinyl and stitched around them with my sewing machine leaving a 1 1/2" hole. The girls stuffed them with valentines candy corn and then I stitched up the hole and added the tag.
The tag says "Your'e a Heartbreaker Valentine" because the only way to get into them is to break the heart!
I'll be including both the tags that you can download on the blog soon, never too early to plan for next year, right?
Tonight we will be having our annual Valentines Breakfast for dinner. It's a tradition since the kids were little. We used to have it at breakfast time until the kids started school, and then we had to switch it to dinner. But what's better than breakfast for dinner, right? :).
Happy Heart Day!

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